Our Scarlet Pimpernel

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i WAS amazed to hear that the new leader of the council, Julie Dore, is pleased with her progress so far.

Wow! She installed 10 more community bobbies. How cold we manage without these lovely but useless commodities? Why not five police officers?

What else? Where is the apprentice scheme she forecast? How will she get this started without consulting the venues where the apprentices will work?

She constantly knocks the administration of the Lib Dems. During their time in office we had the brilliant community assemblies that cater for our areas. The only people to object to this fair way of distributing money were Labour councillors who are convinced that their areas should still be classed as deprived and money poured into them to make the representatives look good.

Have theynot noticed how the idle benefit grabbers do more harm than good? Have they not learned that the rest of us are sick of it? And aren’t these the same councillors who preferred to spend some of their budget on a big shindig at the town hall with a hot meal and dessert wine, soft drinks and beverages? Silver scrolls and certificates for everyone, except the statue on the stairs!

Julie invited anyone to write to her, consult her and visit her. She even gave her telephone number. This, by the way, is never answered.

She is Sheffield’s Scarlet Pimpernel.

How different to the many occasions of meetings one could arrange with the previous leader, Paul Scriven.

She is also my mother’s local councillor. Can she talk at her surgery? Can she heck as like.

Remember the old saying, Julie: ‘You pass them on the way up and you will pass them on the way down’.

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