‘Our mums are women of steel too’

The Women of Steel Statue
The Women of Steel Statue
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women of steel

The Star broke the news that a statue to commemorate the efforts of Sheffield’s Women Of Steel – those who kept the factories working during the second World War when the men were away fighting – is almost within reach after a Star-backed campaign raised more than £62,000.

This is what our readers thought on Facebook:

n Brenda Mordey: that will be my mum then too xx

n Paul Frai Allonby: and my grandma Peel from Tinsley....

n Steven Smudger Smith : Before anyone starts I agree with this statue should’ve been done along time ago and its in right place near war memorial but how the hell is it costing that much to make? Credit to all money raised esp as council are joke when it comes to money these days

n Ann Wardley: Its about Time!! God bless all I Lived through the Blitz. ex pat

n Angela Lane : Fantastic news.


The Arctic Monkeys played their long-awaited gig at the Motorpoint Arena and blew the hometown crowd away. Here’s what just a few of you had to say.

n Sue Roberts: Hi, we didn’t manage to get tickets for the Sheffield show so went to Madrid instead last week – and it was fab. We were having pre-gig drinks at a tapas bar and some other Brits overheard our conversation & joined us – turns out they were Arctic Monkeys guitarist Nick O’Malley’s aunt & uncle – lovely people.

n Eat Sheffield: Fabulous concert! So loud it vibrated right through you exactly how it should! Alex the epitome of cool & laconic, a true performer, captivated us his audience!

And on twitter

n Anthony James ‏@Antogg_1996 19 Nov: @MotorpointArena Last night was fantastic! I can officially join the ‘Iv seen the Arctic Monkeys in Sheffield’ list!

n Jasmine @xjazx 18 Nov: AM-azing night @MotorpointArena with @ArcticMonkeys. Never felt more proud to be from Sheffield. #0114

supermarket jobs

A new supermarket store opening in Rawmarsh has received 200 applications for 17 new jobs – 11 applications for every vacancy. This is what our readers said on Facebook about employment prospects in South Yorkshire.

n Martin Sparky: No need to ask the question when the answer is in the post .

n Rachael Pickin: I think they are terrible. My eldest is on a 4 hour contract and is doing 9 hours a week for next 3 weeks, so near to Christmas. He’s been looking and applying for multiple jobs, did 3 years of college and for what? To wash pots. It stinks. The signing on system and job centres are a disgrace to the human race. Government and acting bodies should be ashamed of what they are doing to this country!

n Patricia White: Rubbish

n Phil Foster: Its a disgrace. Luckily I have a job now, but was unemployed for 3 years not through choice. While I was unemployed I applied for anything and everything at least 20 applications a week.

So yeah its shocking

n Matt Barlow: I’ve recently found a new job but I’ve also been banging my head against the brick wall that is the current job market for the past 3 years. I remember about 15 years ago walking into a pub to get some dinner and walking out with a job, today you would have about 100 people fighting for the position, and recent experience tells me I wouldn’t have got it because I’m “over-qualified”! The government needs to do a hell of a lot more to attract investment in creating new jobs instead of just trying to demonise everyone who is unemployed.

n Lynn Carnall: And they say people are not looking for jobs enough ... my son applied for hundreds of job over 3 years and he only recently fell lucky in securing a job. !

n Alun Stephen Roberts: I actually live in Australia my family is from Chapletown. I am seeing the same trend here in aus it’s getting harder to get a basic position I think a large influx of immigration has made it harder to get entry level positions.

s that before where easy is that the case over there?

n Jamal Yasin: This shows that People are struggling to find work. I apply 13 jobs every week and some times 15. I never received a call nor did I received invitation for an interview.

n Angie Dancer: It seems that the rich are to get richer off the backs of the poor. Happening all over the world.

n Brian Hanson: Employment prospects in South Yorkshire are like anywhere else if you’re poor – They don’t exist.