Our memorial window

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I AM writing in response to your article in The Star, June 17 entitled ‘Honour our war heroes’.

Your article mistakenly states on two occasions that Killamarsh has no memorial in the village for people to remember those who have died as a result of active service during times of war.

In fact the Parish Church of St Giles, at Killamarsh has a window in the south wall which was dedicated over 90 years ago to those who died during the First World War.

Inside the window are two memorial plaques listing the names of those who died in the Second World War as well as the first.

There are also individual wooden crosses placed in the window itself bearing the names of all who have sacrificed their lives through war, including Corporal Liam Riley.

The suggestion that there has been no memorial in the past belies the fact that The Royal British Legion, councillors, members of uniformed organisations and members of the public have met annually, initially outside the memorial window at St Giles Church, to lay wreaths and honour the names of the fallen as well as commemorating their sacrifice with a Remembrance Sunday service in church. Wreaths laid last November are currently still under the memorial window for all to see.

The hope is that a new, distinct stand-alone war memorial in the village will enhance our ability to honour the bravery and gallantry of our Killamarsh war heroes without detracting from the memorial that already exists and which remains a place with poignant memories for many who live in the village.

The Rev Helen, Priest in Charge of St Giles, Killamarsh