Our lives in Sheffield blighted by litter

Shefffield's litter problem
Shefffield's litter problem
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SOME of Sheffield’s worst areas blighted by litter - including a rooftop covered in old beer cans, dead pidgeons and even junkies’ needles - have been revealed by Star readers.

A woman living at Woodland flats, on Deer Park Close, Stannington, said the mess had become so bad that drains from the flat roof, above a bin store, had become blocked leaving a pool of stagnant water.

She said: “People have been throwing litter out from windows and also feeding pidgeons, attracting them to the roof. Now some have died and are floating in the water, while the rubbish has blocked up the drains.”

The woman said she had complained to Sheffield Homes but the pool was not cleared straight away, although it was removed several days later.

Jean Gleadall, of Wisewood Tenants’ And Residents’ Association, said: “The worst part of our area is around the Spider Park. There’s always plastic bottles, carrier bags and food cartons.

“It’s a disgrace.”

A woman, from Norfolk Park, who did not wish to be named, said: “I went out litter picking myself and filled a bin bag with items.

“The council is neglecting the suburbs - in the city centre, you see street cleaners picking odd cigarette ends but you don’t see the workers elsewhere.

“Grass verges covered in waste just get churned up every time they are mown.”

Coun Jack Scott, Sheffield Council’s cabinet member for environment - who has pledged the council will be changing its policy and fining offenders who drop litter rather than letting them off with a warning - has promised to tackle waste problems reported by Star readers.

He said problems would be dealt with on a ‘worst first’ basis.

Coun Scott, who has condemned ‘thoughtless and selfish’ people who left city parks strewn with litter during the heatwave, added: “I want all of Sheffield to be safe, clean and enjoyable.”

Sheffield Homes said workmen had been sent out to clear the drain at Woodland flats but that they had to request a specialist team to remove much of the debris which had caused the blockage, because it included needles and dead pidgeons.

A spokesman for Sheffield Homes said: “A blocked drain was repaired within 24 hours of it being reported.

“However, debris on the flat roof - including items that appear to have been thrown from a staircase window - was making the problem worse. We are arranging for environmental services to remove the rubbish as soon as possible.”