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I am not going to castigate David Cameron over his blunder in Leeds, it is obvious he does not have friends in Yorkshire or he would know different.

However, as a Yorkshireman I am very suspicious of the leader’s ideas for the country.

I can understand his austerity and cutbacks but when he has cash in his left hand he appoints people as peers so the poor are paying for his idea.

I am also confused that now when the country is on its knees through immigration and criminals being allowed to stay in the country, we are reducing the police force to a level that is unacceptable to the country.

The public are being asked to volunteer their services because we do not have the recourses to keep libraries open.

Over the years I remember the kids playing doctors and nurses. The Conservative government at that time said it was a useless profession to be a nurse, now we need more nurses.

I remember the Government shouting the odds about using to much water and the dams would run out, we need more dams, so we let more people come into the country what’s changed?

Forget the Miners’ Strike if we can but we closed all the mines. We had our engineering factories and we closed most of these, lads left school and had jobs waiting for them.

I still cannot get my head around why you would want devolution.

The last time I witnessed this was when the two idiots granted devolution to Scotland and now we are looking at dividing our country.

However, if you come to Sheffield Dave and ask about the weather you will find people willing to talk to you all day.

A word of advice, take care in London because they look at you like you are crazy and you realise they are not English speakers.

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