Our hard-earned taxes paid for new loo and washroom

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I watched jaw- droppingly aghast whilst catching a TV documentary last week on UK benefits, wholly applicable for those living, and having familes far away in Eastern Europe.

It was hard to believe that the Eastern European man whilst spending a small amount of time in the UK with clearly little work ethic whilst here, could claim benefits for himself, and his children living in an Eastern European village. He was quite cocky, and full of himself, when going to his nearest village ATM machine, showing off to his hard-up villagers that he could withdraw such a handsome amount provided by the UK Government in benefits for him, and his children. His villagers watched on in amazement as he drew his cash from the machine, waving it aloft proudly.

They then commented that they to would be applying to come to England to reap such rewards from this “treasure island”.

Such was the sum drawn that he was then able to employ local builders to put in a new toilet and washroom for him, and his family.

This European benefit example is an absolute affront to the normal hard- working man and woman here.

I am an indigenous UK man, who for over 40 years has paid all his taxes, plus his national insurance stamp contributions, and yet has been in a debilitating fight for years now with a Government Department for them to own up to a costly “clerical error”.

Before this I considered myself to be quite apolitical, but I do feel that after seeing such hard evidence, it gives a fair amount of credence to UKIP’s position, albeit so far this does appear to be the party’s only rallying cry.

It may be sufficient to at least pinprick the more prominent parties to take action. I do hope so.

At least I can take solace in knowing that somewhere in Eastern Europe there is a family with a new loo and washroom.