Our flood defences have been made even worse

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My heart goes out to the people of Somerset and all areas hit by floods, but it is just a matter of time before the properties where we live are faced with the same problem.

We have been asking the Environment Agency for the past seven years to dredge the river.

Back in 2007 we came very close in this area. Our village was cut off by flood water coming over the river banks (a problem we have not had since the 1940s due to the river being regularly dredged).

Then in the ’70s to save money the dredging was stopped.

We keep being told the same as the people in Somerset, that dredging doesn’t work.

Now it doesn’t take a scientific or mathematical genius to work out that if you dig a trench it will run water away (just like a river).

If you dig the trench deeper and build the soil dig-out up along the sides, it will take even more water and run away much faster. I just can’t see what part of this the EA can’t understand.

The UK was given a big grant from the EU to improve flood defences.

Those on the north side of the river Don where we live have had nothing done to make them safer than in 2007.

We are much more vulnerable due to the bank on the south side of the Don being built up higher than the banks on the north side. Our flood defences are worse, not better.

Dave Croucher

Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster, DN7