Our father was the ARP warden

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THANK you for the Blitz memories, such as those of George Tinker.

We lived on Ripon Street, where it joined Worthing Road.

Our dad took us up to Woodbourn Road school because there was an unexploded land mine. He thought he had taken us to safety only to find the next morning, when daylight came, an unexploded bomb in the school yard.

Our dad was an ARP warden at an ARP station at Carbrook. He didn’t wear a white helmet because he was a chief warden, it was because he was a first aider and drove an ambulance ferrying wounded to hospital.

When the all-clear sounded, he walked all the way up the ’Cliff, past fires and debris, home to us.

We would now like to add our thanks to George and tell him that the ARP warden was our dad.

Margaret Lincoln & Elsie Redfern (nee Hudson) Sheffield