Our city is just about the filthiest

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Regarding the litter problem we have in our city. There seems to be much discussion and very little action.

I have worked all over Europe as well as Britain and I have to say that, aside from London, our city is the filthiest by far.

The council needs to man up now and clamp down on the ‘criminals’, because, that’s what they are.

Here’s how to do it.

Set up a street force unit.

Pick the worse affected area, probably Page Hall, and deliver leaflets to every house and shop in the area informing them that they must keep the front of their property clean at all times. If not they will be taken to court and fined.

If they reoffend, take them back to court and ask the magistrate to compel the offenders to go litter picking for a month in their own area.

I think this would work practically overnight. These people don’t like working for a living, so they certainly won’t like working for nowt. The word would go round like wildfire, problem solved.

Move on to the next project.

Ted Fowler

by email