Our children will reap benefits of leaving EU

Veronica Hardstaff makes some interesting points in her assertion that leaving the EU is harder than we think.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 02 February, 2018, 06:16

I agree that if we were to suddenly walk away from negotiations then we would find ourselves in relatively hot water, but that won’t happen and the first phase of talks are complete with some firm agreements in place.

It is agreed that citizen rights in the UK and Europe will be protected, that there is to be no hard border in Ireland and that intelligence will continue to be exchanged for the safety of all Europeans. These and many other agreements need to have the detail fine-tuned but the basis of an agreed way forward has been concluded.

As we begin trade talks the EU knows it needs our business as much as we are keen to trade with them.

For example, the German and French car market would collapse if we were to stop buying from them with thousands of workers made redundant. Regardless of the complexities of the EU and their negotiators, the French and German governments would simply not allow an agreement not to be reached, Macron and Merkel would intervene as they did when the first phase of the talks stalled.

Hard line remainers try constantly to frustrate and frighten the British public into believing we are on a cliff edge. From Clegg to Adonis we are fed a constant diet of fear. Yet the economy is growing, the stockmarket is at a record high, and unemployment the lowest for years. Even Cameron had to admit it wasn’t what he and his sidekick Osborne predicted.

There has been lying on both sides of the argument but more worrying than that is this myth that intelligent people want to stay in the EU and the ignorant racists want to leave.

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What the majority of leavers wanted was relatively simple and nothing to do with race. Everyone who voted to leave the EU was sick and tired of unelected bureaucrats telling us how to live our lives, we wanted to control our borders, our waters, and our laws.

The French president Macron admitted recently that if the French had a vote on Europe they would probably leave the EU, the Italians would certainly go the same way. I think inside 10 years the EU as an organisation will be finished because the economically powerful members will refuse to bail out the weaker more needy countries. I am not the only person to come to that conclusion, Mervyn King the former governor of the bank of England said the same thing recently.

We are a strong and independent country and have proved throughout our history we can trade with the world.

Our children and grandchildren will reap the benefits of our decision to leave the EU.

Cameron Fleming

by email