Organiser of flop pro-Brexit demo attended by no-one reveals why event was called off

The organiser of a flop pro-Brexit demonstration which was due to take place in Doncaster and which attracted no protesters has revealed why the plug was pulled on the event at the last minute.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 4th November 2019, 4:25 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th November 2019, 7:51 pm

Leave campaigners had called on thousands of protesters to gather in Doncaster town centre on Saturday morning for a ‘huge' demo to show their anger at Britain’s failure to leave the EU by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s October 31 deadline.

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Confusion as NO ONE turns up for 'huge' pro Brexit demo in Doncaster

But Sir Nigel Gresley Square was deserted for the 10am demonstation – and organisers have revealed that the event was called off at the eleventh hour because of a lack of funding and protesters.

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Sir Nigel Gresley Square was deserted for the planned demo.

The failure of the event was derided by a number of anti-Brexit commentators including TV football host Gary Lineker and radio presenter James O’Brien.

It is understood the event had been called off just hours before it was due to take place.

Local Leave campaigners unaware the event had been cancelled were also absent – with many admitting they had stayed at home because of the weather or to watch England play in the Rugby World Cup Final.

Former Vote Leave campaigner Jay Beecher also said the Ignite: The Civil Rebellion event had been cancelled because of the forthcoming General Election and an attack on the campaign’s website.

In a statement, he said the demonstrations – which were also due to take place in London, Sunderland and Boston had been ‘postponed.’

He said: “A General Election has been called, meaning that all resources and efforts are having to be diverted to fight what I essentially believe to be a second referendum in all but name.

“Ignite's website was scuppered. Frustratingly, the company commissioned to produce our website cancelled our contract not just at the last moment, but after the deadline.

“The Crowdfunder unfortunately only raised enough funds to hire three coaches - bringing a mere 150 people to Westminster. While I am personally disappointed about this, I believe the main reason to be that the public were still clinging on to the hope that Brexit would be delivered by Boris Johnson.

“The donations raised will be kept safe, and we will be planning to reschedule Ignite at a more convenient date, with, I suspect, more support from the public should Brexit be betrayed even further or Jeremy Corbyn should come to power. “

Plans to light beacons across the country were also called off, although a mass cancellation of TV licenses on Saturday at 1pm is understood to have gone ahead as planned.

He added: “Other events will be revealed as things develop, and I thank you for your patience, your support, but most of all for having the balls and the motivation to do what so many are failing to do - stand-up for their country and for democracy.”