Opinions differ from the online survey

I am distressed that the mechanisms that Sheffield City Council has set up for its residents to have their say about the trees in their vicinity are obviously not working, and that Amey is saying all sorts of things in the heat of the moment to continue the destruction.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 12th May 2017, 6:16 am
Updated Friday, 12th May 2017, 1:25 pm

There are two ash trees listed for felling, both on the junction of Balmain Road, with Dunella Road, Hillsborough.

The street was not referred to the Independent Tree Panel because insufficient residents opposed the plans in the SCC survey.

The survey received four responses: three agreed with the felling plans and one disagreed.

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We have conducted our own door-to-door survey and found that residents’ opinions differ significantly from those in the online survey, and in fact the majority appear to be in favour of retaining the trees.

Balmain Road has 59 households. We went door to door to ask residents what they thought about the plans to fell trees on their street. Our survey received 36 responses:

17 (47 per cent) said they had received a survey.

19 (53 per cent) had not.

Seven said they had responded to SCC (four agreed with felling plans, three disagreed) – this does not match SCC’s figures.

Out of all 36 households who responded:

14 (39 per cent) agreed with felling plans

21 (58 per cent) disagreed

1 (3 per cent) did not know

In the last few days, Amey have attempted to fell one of the trees.

Their work has, thankfully, been delayed by local campaigners.

The Amey crew who last attended said the tree was now dangerous and suggesting that the tree might fall over at any time.

We have sought the opinion of Moray Simpson (arboricultural consultant at Wardell Armstrong, and on the executive committee of the Municipal Tree Officers Association).

He has reassured us the tree is not dangerous in its current state.

We are therefore asking to ensure that:

The trees are referred to the Independent Tree Panel

Work to fell the trees is suspended until such time as the ITP have given their advice

The public are given accurate and impartial information about the safety of partially felled trees.

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