You're not really from Sheffield if you haven't done these things, according to our readers

We asked our readers to name the things any self-respecting Sheffield will have experienced, and you responded in your droves.

Friday, 25th June 2021, 11:56 am

Lots of people joined in the fun by completing the phrase ‘you’re not really from Sheffield if you haven’t...’ and below are some of the best responses.

“You’re not really from Sheffield if you haven’t had a deep and meaningful conversation wi a complete stranger at a bus stop as if they're your best mate only to never lay eyes on them again,” said Jennifer Mohammed Jones.

Her comments clearly struck a chord with Elizabeth Frampton, who replied: “Yes, agree. When I moved into Sandygate I knew nobody, went to get 51 bus and several people spoke to me.

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Stock: Sheffield City Centre.
Stock: Sheffield City Centre.

“Over 20 years I have made masses of friends. I often get off the bus with ‘strangers’ and have a cuppa with them!”

John Sylvester agreed, saying: “Oh that’s so true. My daughters used to mention I’d talk to strangers at bus stops like long lost friends.”

Only in Sheffield, eh.

Callie Shackleton said you’re not really from Sheffield if you haven’t ‘seen the fish at the hole in the road’.

Trevor Wright joined in, saying that you’re not from here if, ‘as a man been’, you’ve not been ‘called 'love' by another man a generation or two older’, which is very true.

Elizabeth Frampton replied, saying: “Yes, men and women call each other ‘love’ or ‘mate’ or ‘pal’ – it’s just a friendly term!”

Sam Hill chimed in, saying: “I moved to Sheffield two years ago and I confirm it doesn’t happen anywhere else.”

Kazzi Kaz had an amusing anecdote to share in response to Trevor’s observation.

“I used to look after a couple who were born and bred in Camden Town, London (they relocated for her job),” she wrote.

“Her husband was a good 20 years older and not in good health but used to go for morning paper! One day he asked me if I could call for said paper.

“Why, I asked, are you not well? Oh yes, he said, it’s just that the geezer called me love and I’m sure the old girl fancies me as she calls me flower.... Bless the southerners.”

Gaz Jarvis believes you’re not really from Sheffield if you haven’t ‘argued relentlessly that it’s called a breadcake and that it’s the rest of the English speaking world who are wrong’.

It’s simple… they are wrong. No further discussion on the topic is required.

Alan Marsden says you’re not from round ‘ere if you haven’t ‘gone in a foreign restaurant and looked at the inscription on your cutlery to see where it's made’.

Can’t lie, I still do. But do you frown upon the cutlery if it doesn’t bear such accreditation? Relationships have ended for less, I’m sure.

If you haven’t spent a ‘Friday or Saturday night out starting at Berlin's or Marples, then on to Stonehouse, Fountain bar, Millionaires then Roxy’s’ then, quite simply, you’re not really from Sheffield, says Donna Louise Furniss.

You’re certainly not if one of your relatives hasn’t regaled you with such a tale if you’re of the younger generation, for sure.

Meanwhile, Matthew O'Callaghan has found grounds for treason… or not really being from here, namely when ‘ordering a fishcake outside of Sheffield for the first time and receiving a bloody rissole and being angry and surprised because you didn't know until then they don't do proper fishcakes’.

It’s sinful behaviour, Matthew.

Damian Baughan replied, saying you’re not from here if you haven’t ‘been on a bendy bus/look at the fish tank in t'ole in t'road/spend an hour in Redgates just looking.

Remember when either you or your relatives would pop off down town to ‘just ‘ave a look around’?

Alex Miles shared a frankly worrying story that hopefully not many have experienced, when he said you’re not from here if you haven’t ‘been shot by an air rifle unexpectedly from Kelvin flats’.

Surely it’s a right of passage for that neck o’ the woods though?

And John Crowe believes you’re not really from Sheffield if you haven’t ‘been brainwashed that Henderson’s Relish is nice when actually it’s tasteless’.

That is both controversial and blasphemous, surely?

Finally… you’re not really from Sheffield if you haven’t ‘said we're home when you saw Tinsley towers’.

Ah, the memories. Thanks for that Jackie Atkin.

Sadly, we couldn’t include all of your comments but you can take a look at what everyone else had said here on Facebook, and on Twitter too. Thanks for all your submissions folks, some were very amusing and brought back so many memories.