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Ellenboro Road
Ellenboro Road
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“Please confirm the correct spelling and rectify these signs”

T Thompson

Ellenboro Road, Sheffield


In todays Star, John Clarke has pointed out the spelling mistakes on the Hazelbarrow Road area.

This is not the only example of bad spelling. The road I live on has been here for over a hundred years, but just this year the council, (via Amey), put up new street signs saying Ellenbro Rd, when the original signs are spelled Ellenboro Rd, with two o's. The old signs are still in situ, one of them is made of wood perhaps it could be an original fixture dating back to when the houses were built. As you can imagine, it's all a bit confusing, which version do I use when filling in official forms? I would like Philip Beecroft to please confirm the correct spelling and rectify these signs in the near future and ease my worried mind.