Your View: The Cannon Pub

This letter to The Star is from Ted Fowler of Sheffield 5

Friday, 15th March 2019, 4:47 am
Updated Friday, 15th March 2019, 4:53 am
The Cannon pub, on Castle Street, in Sheffield city centre

Ted Fowler



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Just been reading about the old Cannon pub on Castle Street being redeveloped and people reminiscing about the old place. I used it for years.

When I was contracting I used to work with people from all over Sheffield and in between contracts we used to meet up in town, usually at Shaws tea stall for a cup of tea and a sandwich. The we would meet up in the Norfolk at the bottom of Dixon Lane then it would be up to the Cannon and then finish off in the Hen and Chicken. I remember going in the Hen and Chicken and saying to John, the landlord, how come your beer is 10p more expensive than, just 10 paces across the road in the Cannon, when it’s the exact same beer? His reply was, because we get a better class of criminals in here. Made me laugh anyway.