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Bolsterstone Male Voice Choir
Bolsterstone Male Voice Choir

Hail Smiling Morn

J Smith



Having lived in Stocksbridge all my 70 odd years, I have long known of the Bolsterstone Male Voice Choir and their justified good name.

So on December 29, a full house was at St Mary's Church for a concert by the choir and Deepcar Brass Band.

It was very good until the end when we were all asked to stand and join the choir in singing their signature tune Hail Smiling Morn. 

We all tried to sing a song we have sung many times, but this time the key was so high only the choir, (and the angels), could sing.

To prove the point, a lot of us and some of the choir went to the pub next door and had a very happy time singing Hail Smiling Morn in the normal key.