Your View: Blood Doners

Blood bags type O negativeBlood bags type O negative
Blood bags type O negative
Giving blood is quick and easy

Mike Stredder

Director of Blood Donation

NHS Blood and Transplant

I would like to thank the 461 people in South Yorkshire who have already registered as new blood donors in 2019.

We asked people to make it their resolution to join the already amazing group of people who save lives every day by donating blood.

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Giving blood is quick and easy and just one donation can save or improve the lives of up to three people.

We need donors of both genders, but we appealed particularly to men, because their blood is used to provide life-saving products like plasma and platelets, to save victims of burns, car crashes and patients with cancer.

We need more than 200,000 new donors to give blood every year across England to replace those who can no longer donate regularly due to things like ill health, foreign travel or pregnancy.

We have a dedicated blood donor centre at Cathedral Court, 22-24 Church St, Sheffield S1 2GN. We also hold ‘mobile’ sessions in public buildings such as sports venues and community centres.

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So, I would once again like to thank those readers who have already responded to the call and ask them to make another important resolution – to follow through on their registration by going on to give blood for the first time.