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ATM thefts
ATM thefts
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Don’t make it easy for the crooks

John C Fowler

Leverton Gardens


Reading a recent piece in The Star about a man who had just withdrawn cash from an ATM, only to be threatened with a knife and robbed, stayed in my mind. 

This type of crime, which occurred around 6am, is quite common nowadays because there are so many cash machines around. 

It is wise not to use them if you are alone and it is very early or very late in the day. 

With few or no passers-by the robber has a much easier getaway. 

Perhaps someone is watching the ATM and waiting for an unsuspecting person to use it? 

And not forgetting the skimming devices that are attached to some machines. 

Don’t make it easy for the crooks.

Just withdraw what you need if you use a cash machine, that means you won’t lose as much if you are robbed.

However, if you do find yourself held up at knife point, just calmly hand over the money and don’t argue with your assailant.

It’s not worth risking a potentially fatal wound. 

Personally I haven’t used an ATM for ages.

I get cashback at the supermarket if I need any money.

Usually I use my debit card.