Your Say: Tribute Show

Joe Cocker
Joe Cocker

“What a poor turn-out”

Syd Bullen



We attended the We Remember, Joe Cocker tribute show at the City Hall ballroom on Sunday, October 14,  featuring Paul Fox and his band.

They worked hard and Paul did a good job reminding us of Joe when they reprised songs we will never see the late legend sing live again. I would never have imagined when standing in the Black Swan pub in 1968 watching Joe singing some of the songs featured that I would be listening to them being sung again 50 years later in a ballroom whilst eating a Worthers Original ! (other sweets are available).

However we were disappointed by the amount of fans in the audience. There couldn't have been more than 60 people present in a room capable of seating 500, what a poor turn-out ! Where were the people who were in the audience at the launch of Joe's 'Mad Dog With Soul' DVD at the Leadmill in 2017?

I don't know which venues the show visited before this one or what the attendances might have been, but the band must have thought they would be guaranteed a good crowd in Joe's home town.

Not so I'm afraid! 

We feIt sorry for them and hope they weren't too disappointed.