Young at Heart

Re: Letters Page September 6 Hot Generation of Clubbers Waiting.

If Mr Philip Beasley would like to hear live and recorded music from the 50’s and 60’s I would suggest he tries the Upperthorpe Hotel, Upperthorpe on the first Friday in every month (the next date will be Friday October 5). The Hillbilly Cats and Frank White who could all be classed as middle-aged, play to an audience who appreciate such music, and if there are any other songs he would like to hear, requests are taken for recorded music. He may need to take his “phylosan” (or however it is spelt) to fortify him, as the music starts around 9.30pm and finishes after bed time, at around 12.30am, but I am sure he will find it well worth the effort.

There will be no younger revellers and binge drinkers to upset him. Just the “Young at Heart” having a good time.

M Lawton, “A Young at Heart 50’s, 60’s Fan”