“You hardly see folk in them now” – Readers’ share their views about going back to wearing masks

Earlier this week, a scientific paper stated that the NHS would be at breaking point within two months if Covid precautions such as mask wearing and social distancing are not implemented by the Government.

Friday, 10th September 2021, 4:23 pm
Updated Friday, 10th September 2021, 4:42 pm

We asked our readers how they would feel if a face mask requirement was reintroduced and here are a selection of their comments on the topic:

Toni Hughes holds the belief that “The NHS being at breaking point is absolutely nothing to do with Covid-19! The NHS is at breaking point through severe and prolonged underfunding, incompetent management and the burden of treating ever increasing volumes of the population who have not contributed through tax or NI to the funding of the service.” A very strong point that was met with much approval from our readers, 33 of who fully agreed with Tony’s view with a couple even congratulating her take on things.

"I’m still wearing mine, in the office and supermarket!! And any busy area” said Bev Hague.

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SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 22: People weart face masks and PPE on October 22, 2020 in Sheffield, England. The county of South Yorkshire, which includes the city of Sheffield will move to Tier 3 'Very High' Covid-19 alert on Saturday. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Paul Evans responded, saying that “Don't see the point as after 12 months of them being mandatory a lot of people still didn't work out how to wear them correctly, I.e covering the nose and mouth! Plus wasn't the vaccine supposed to bring the virus under control?”

John T Homas said that he feels like he’s “in the minority now, as I still wear mine. You hardly see folk in them now.” He may have been pleasantly surprised at the number of people who not only agreed with him but continue to wear their masks now. Case in point being Barbara Horton, who said that; “I still wear one got a few odd looks in shop today but don't care what people think I want to keep safe and other people.”Bev Woodcock added her support to the continuation of mask wearing, “Never stopped wearing mine, and don't intend to anytime soon. I work on checkouts so feel like a sitting duck when dozens of customers passing through without masks. It should still be mandatory.” As did Rose Underwood, who wrote “My husband and I still wear our face mask when we go out. Better to be safe than sorry. The virus is still spreading.”

And Mary Wood said that she would be “More than happy. I continue to wear mine anyway. People die - anything that helps is welcome surely?”

Not everyone agreed, though and there were a few people are of the belief that it’s about control, ‘scaremongering’ or that masks simply don’t work.

Brian Smith noted that, “Scotland has, the highest cases in UK and mask wearing there is still mandatory, not working are they.”

For some people, wearing a mask is simply not an option. Alison Bloodworth said that she is “Unable to wear a mask so have to wear a visor if using them for long periods. However I have been told in a couple of places that they are not acceptable. I know you can be classed as exempt but unable to get an official diagnosis from the GP due to appts being few and far between”, you can continue using a visor Alison, that’s not a problem.

It was quite a surprise to see how many were not only positive about the topic but they had continued to wear their masks. The sway of figures towards accepting this was easily 90% in favour of the continuation of wearing masks.

Finally, Jane Leech said that she believed that “everyone should be wearing them to protect each other it’s not over”

Thank you all once again for your thoughts and insight, it’s (as always) greatly appreciated.