Yes, we have no bananas

I remember my mother just after WWII quickly putting on her coat following news on the grapevine that bananas and some other worldwide products were in the local shop(s).

Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 05:54 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 05:57 am
Sheffield market trader, Big Ada and friends at Dixon Lane market with some of the first bananas seen on the market after the war

Most children of the mid-40s, well past their fifth birthdays, didn’t know what a banana looked like let alone how it tasted.

With today’s advancements in communications, I can just imagine flash announcements on the BBC after we leave the EU.

Mercedes, Audis, BMW’, and VWs are being shipped to Calais, and Champagne plus French wines will be in some shops tomorrow.

In 1946 few goods, if any, were available from the continent that had been destroyed by five years of war. So how did we, the UK, survive?

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When we later joined the EU in a rapidly improving continent, we controversially cut off direct trade with our loyal Commonwealth countries, an act which hopefully will soon be fully forgiven.

Mike Dodgson

Marchwood, S6