This letter sent to the Star was written by John Singleton, Kiveton Park

By The Newsroom
Monday, 28th October 2019, 1:47 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st October 2019, 7:06 am

So there we have it at last Cyril and myself can agree on one thing even if it is only that we have a long history of being misled by our politicians. The truth is that the opposite views are so entrenched that it is unlikely that we will ever agree on what fundamentally we differ about.

I notice that Cyril seems to have lots of recollections of what has gone before and even justifies the misleading of the electorate in the last referendum because of things that happened in the days of Ted Heath and Harold Wilson. Are you sure that Boris Johnson actually voted to "Remain" as you mention in your reply published on October 23. I knew he could not be trusted but to become one of the most prominent members of the "Leave" campaign and then vote "Remain" is extraordinary even for him. I think you will have to concede that he started as a Remainer and changed his mind at the last minute when he had famously or infamously depending on your way of thinking wrote two versions of a letter to the Prime Minister one to announce he would support "Remain" and another to say he would support "Leave" and saw his opportunity for the advancement of his political career in the Tory Party and went for Leave.

We can only vote on issues and the circumstances of the time and where we at least have knowledge of what membership of the EU entails we have no knowledge/information of what leaving is going to entail. This is a fundamental difference to the past and to illustrate the lack of information we are being given even with the publication of the Withdrawal Bill of 125 pages of legislation (accompanied by 150 pages of notes) to be debated and voted on within three days the Government has declined to provide an Economic Impact Assessment of the deal on offer.

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As I have stated before the proof of who is right and who is wrong is going to become apparent AFTER we have completely left our membership of the EU. Only then will we discover the full impact of leaving and whatever deals have been concluded to replace the trade with the EU.The withdrawal on October 31, or after a "short" extension is only the first step in the divorce there then follows months/years of further negotiations with the EU to finalise our relationship with them. In other words Cyril it is much to early to say that the "failed forecasts of doom and gloom" made by the Remain side are wrong.

The country voted to Leave with a blindfold over its eyes and no idea what Leaving would actually mean other than Leaving. Whether its true that a majority still want to Leave on the basis of any of the deals presented to them can only be discovered by presenting the deal proposed and ask whether they now want it or not.

As Cyril has often stated the voting paper simply said "Leave" or "Remain" not sure that trying to get a better deal BEFORE you Leave is actually frustrating the Leave wish although it is delaying it.

As they say the passage of time will reveal all.