Wipe Tory parasites out of Parliament

Oh dear! Another shot in the foot? This time arch Thatcherite John Redwood, 'Vulcan' to you and I, announces Tory plans to cut red tape and save £14 billion in tax cuts.

For instance he suggests scrapping health and safety regulations and workers’ protective rights such as paid holidays and redundancy, with the backing of ‘squeaky’ George (Gideon) Osborne.

‘The Vulcan’ then boasted his plans were ‘a tax cut by any other name’. This after ‘Posh’ Dave Cameron’s insistence that the Tory party will stay in the centre ground and will rule out any tax cuts or service cuts.

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Who’s running this ramshackle party? No wonder they are now 10 points adrift of New Labour and that ‘Posh’ Dave is being offered betting odds by bookies on who will replace him, with local lad William Hague 9-4 favourite, even though Hague himself lost the job six years ago.

As we all know Tories never ever change and that is why they will never get a foot in the door of Number 10 for at least another 20 years.

Gordon Brown should call an election sooner rather than later and wipe these parasites out of Parliament totally.

Terry Palmer, South Lea Ave, Hoyland