Why you should apply for an apprenticeship at The Star

The chance to earn while you learn - with all fees paid for - to become a qualified journalist in 18 months, seems like an opportunity almost too good to be true.

I started out via a similar route and other more senior journalists would tell me how lucky I was to be given such an opportunity.

I had no journalism qualifications or experience, so they were right in that sense.

Most said they had paid thousands of pounds on their NCTJ Diploma in Journalism - the baseline qualification for any journalist today, which is all paid for under this apprenticeship.

A chance to earn as you learn, gaining a professional journalism experience.

I had never done any professional writing before this role, but I enjoyed writing and I was excited about bringing new ideas to the table.

I wondered how realistic it was for me becoming a journalist though, when I rarely saw people who looked like me working in the media industry, and the fact I’m dyslexic.

That actually motivated me more however, because I wanted to create change, both inside and out.

I would like the next set of young people to follow in my footsteps, who may currently lack the experience, funds, or contacts to ‘get a foot in the door’.

The Star newsroom, Sheffield.

There is no longer a ‘typical journalist’ as some may have been falsely led to believe - all you have to be is enthusiastic, creative and hard-working!

I’ve met some amazing people, have learned so much and have connected with others who I’m not sure I would have connected with had I not been a journalist.

The 18-month contract starts this summer and three apprentices will be based at The Star in Sheffield.

You will spend four days a week at work and one day at college, with support from a mentor throughout the apprenticeship.

If you are aged between 18 and 24, and interested in becoming an apprentice: Send your name, age, address and contact details. And tell us what you are doing now and why you would make a great apprentice, in no more than 300 words.

Email your details to [email protected] with the words APPRENTICE SHEFFIELD in the subject line by Friday, July 2.