Why isn’t resurfacing being completed?

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The Star published a letter of mine a few months ago, highlighting the fact that Amey had not completed scheduled tree felling and road and pavement resurfacing on Sandford Grove Road and neighbouring Gatefield Road, in Nether Edge.

The first part of road and pavement resurfacing started well over a year ago and is no nearer completion.

The point of my previous letter was concerned with statements Coun Bryan Lodge made last year.

Coun Lodge was quoted in The Star, saying that if the tree felling programme was not completed by the end of 2017 then Sheffield City Council (SCC) could be required to pay financial penalties to Amey.

Scheduled work on Sandford Grove Road and Gatefield Road was indicated on boards put up by Amey/SCC for June/July; October/November and since my previous letter, December and twice in January (8 and 22).

At no point has any work been carried out or any workers seen in the vicinity.

I offer Coun Lodge the opportunity to write a letter to The Star and clarify whether Sheffield council taxpayers will be liable for any financial penalties.

I highlighted in my previous letter that it couldn’t have been the winter weather that delayed the December scheduled work as at the same time, Amey workers were felling trees on Abbeydale Park Rise from 4.30am.

Perhaps Amey’s operations director, Darren Butt can also let Sheffielders know why work isn’t being carried out as scheduled.

James Fenner

by email