Why do they try to hoodwink everyone?

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So DMBC is joining forces with Rotherham council on littering, fly-tipping, smoking and dog fouling, after stating that the complaints have reduced.

Why do the council try to hoodwink everyone? It is plain to see what is going on, they have not got the manpower any more to make Doncaster a town that people can be proud of.

The complaints will go down because phoning the 736000 number to lodge complaints and problems is getting farcical.

I phoned to complain about the refuse service and was told to ring back after 5pm and someone would report it to a service manager. This was on a Friday before 11am. Needless to say, after doing as requested, nothing whatsoever was done.

Doncaster is no longer the place it was seven or eight years ago. It is dirty and grimy, half the town is boarded up and most of the other half is pubs, pound shops and hairdressers/nail boutiques.

Everyone knows that this government is hell-bent on ruining the country, but they cannot take all the blame for the demise of this once great town and just to add insult to injury, the word is that if any of your bins go missing it will cost you £40 to replace them. Which idiot has come up with this idea? If anything is more stupid then I haven’t heard of it yet.

Walk anywhere around the Doncaster area and the back alleys are full of rubbish, so having to pay for a new bin will make matters worse because ordinary people who have had their bin stolen will just put bags out and if refuse men don’t take them then it means more work for the already depleted cleansing team.

If this town is going to improve then the councillors and officers had better start looking outside the fantasy world they live in. Plenty of others I am sure could do better and would like the salary of £12,000-plus per year.

K Ellison