“Why do Sheffield Council leave properties to go to rack and ruin?”

This letter to The Star is from Vin Malone, Gleadless Valley, S14

By Diana.Stannard1
Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 10:17 am
Updated Friday, 29th March 2019, 6:20 am
Derelict house on Shoreham Street
Derelict house on Shoreham Street

Like many people in Sheffield I take with a pinch of salt all the moaning the council do on not having any cash in their coffers.

Despite what they say, they do consider selling off pieces of Sheffield which basically belong to the people, and yet they own properties all over the city which are left to go to rack and ruin.

One property that’s now the home of pigeons and no doubt rats too, has been left to deteriorate for years on Shoreham Street.

The window on the gable end has no glass in and slates are now missing too, so it’s easy access for pigeons.

It was the end house in a terrace at one time and it ended up being detached.

It was then used as the caretaker’s house for Duchess Road School.

Just why hasn’t this house been sold off instead of leaving it to the elements and the local wildlife?

I’m sure it would realise a tidy sum to help to alleviate the strain on the public purse as would other council properties which are in the same condition of disrepair.

I can’t understand just why they sit on properties like this one and ignore them.

The shutters that were put on look as though some idiot has tried to force them off and they’ve been like that for more than two years.

I’m sure someone who is on the council has walked, driven past and seen this property and have chosen to do nothing about it.

If the council don’t want it they can give it to me.

I could sell it and spend the rest of my days not deciding whether to eat or heat.