What a great city to travel around in

We have had all the disruptions on the buses, now it’s the tram’s turn. What a great city to live in if you want to get from A to B! In their infinite wisdom Supertram suddenly decided to suspend Monday-Friday trams on the Herdings Park route.

Saturday, 19th December 2015, 5:07 pm
Supertram. Picture: Andrew Roe

On Monday, December 7, lots of people, including me, turned up at the Leighton Road tram stop to go to work and school, but no tram came.

Then someone spotted a notice on the display board stating the changes which must have only gone up late Friday or the weekend. The changes were that they have suspended the Herdings Park trams indefinitely.

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This is a disgusting way to treat passengers, although they did manage to put an article in your newspaper after the event.

There were schoolchildren on their own who didn’t know what to do, and their parents, thinking that they would get on the tram and have a safe journey to school, instead they had to walk to Gleadless Townend crossing several dangerous roads. There should have been a Supertram worker there at the two stops to inform people what was happening.

But the good news is there are two trams every morning before 6.00am and then the tram starts running in the evening at 7.45pm and we will have a weekend service. What a joke! The bus service that they have provided is useless too;you get off the tram and then the bus pulls away before you can catch it.

We only had a service every 30 minutes, now that’s gone and left people stranded, especially the eldery, who relied on it and the bus stop is right at the other end of Norton Avenue.

Yet the Halfway, Meadowhall and Middlewood trams have a service every 8-10 minutes. If there is a shortage of trams, don’t suspend a service, make the other trams every 15 minutes.

They will also find out that the other trams will be full as lots of passengers used the Herdings Park trams to get to Halfway and Meadowhall, so it spread the congestion at busy rush hour times.

Extremely annoyed