"Waste of tax payers money" - Star Readers' discuss the reported commissioning of a new Royal Yacht

According to numerous news sources recently. A new Royal yacht, which could cost as much as £200 million, may be commissioned by the government and named in honour of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh — We asked our readers’ what they thought about it.

Friday, 7th May 2021, 4:51 pm
Updated Friday, 7th May 2021, 5:00 pm

This is what they had to say:

Jean Hepplestone was remarkably on point when she said; “Given the hardship many families are suffering and the fact the gov cant find the money to give the NHS staff a decent pay rise. I think extravagances like this and numerous others, like giving Rhys-Mogg millions to do up the stately pile, are an insult.”

Claire Dearnley was very much to the point as well, saying; “A 1% NHS pay rise. Children with not enough to eat… the care system In need of cash. Jobs lost due to brexs**t. And so the list goes on. A royal yacht would be a disgrace.” — well… that’s a very apt way of putting it. And Chris Ryan commented on the topic as well; “Prince Phil's greatest passion seemed to be gravely insulting people - what more fitting tribute to his memory than to give a gargantuan middle finger to the entire population?”

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LEITH, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 25: The Royal Yacht Britannia seen through the porthole of the decommissioned ship, Lismore in Leith's Imperial Dry Dock on January 25, 2018 in Leith, Scotland. (Photo by Robert Perry/Getty Images)

"Can we all use it? If not it's not necessary. I've absolutely no problem with the Royal Family but this would be misuse of public funds unless they were paying for it themselves”, says Lorraine Jackson, before going on continuing, “Far more very important areas these funds could be used.” But Paul Atkin does believe that it is a “Fantastic idea & tribute”

Steve Hunter brought some comedy to proceedings, responding; I think Prince Harry could buy this from his 40 pieces of Netflix Silver; he could then donate it to the Royal Family and the UK Government, along with a further £100 million to pay for running costs.” Kerrie Roebuck brought the topic back on track, saying; “Got to love the UK Government. Haven’t got the money for NHS pay rises but have no problem forking out for a yacht that the public won’t use.” Meanwhile, Dave Hyatt seems baffled as to why this is even a discussion; “They got rid of the last one as it was not cost effective, so what`s changed?” and Sheila Cooper said “There’s a lot more that could use that kind of money. Just give them Brittania back.” However, Janet Key is of the opinion that; “He wouldn’t want it and neither would the Queen!”

Adornay Jeagar on the otherhand thinks that there could be a possible business case for it, saying; “Depends what the forecast revenue is for it. The last Royal Yacht more than paid for itself in business it drummed up for the UK over the years. If this is going to be used for a similar purpose then it could be a money maker.” And, Hazel Kennedy said; “I think it’s a lovely thing to do.” John Slater without a single shred of sarcasm says; “Naturally, this is a wonderful idea and a great way to spend all the excess money the Government has saved as a result of a well managed budget and amazing handling of the economy in the past 12 months.” One who doesn’t seem to be sarcastic and who is actually somewhat patriotic, Dave O Breen seems to be all for it; “Why not !!! We spend that kind of money on economic scroungers let’s have another royal yacht for our monarchy!!!!”

Finally, David Thompson says that; “It’s on my “I don’t care list” behind who H is and who paid for Boris’s wallpaper” — not really much you can say to that really.

We had a number of comments on the topic, putting aside the veracity of some comments many people were opposed to the idea entirely but there were a few people who saw it as a fitting tribute to the late Prince Philip. If you’d like to know what everyone thought you can check the responses here on Facebook, and here on Twitter.