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On the night that brave Jasmyn Chan was killed by a man high on cocaine, someone was going to die at her killer’s hands. Of that, I am certain.

Naseeb Ellahi, 33, described himself as a ‘cabbage’. Rotten to the core, this individual was an accident waiting to happen, having catastrophically destroyed his cognitive capabilities through years of drug abuse.

He could not drive sober. He had no driving licence or insurance, so for him to get behind the wheel fuelled by a mind-bending class-A drugs cocktail means that even he – ‘cabbage’ or not – must have known some harm was going to come to someone.

So how is it that a judge can sentence this disgusting creature to just seven-and-a-half years inside? We all know that he’ll be out in four years.

Isn’t it time the public was consulted about crime and punishment? Would people be prepared to cough up extra taxes to fund longer prison sentences? I would.

There’s a General Election coming up. Wouldn’t it be nice for one of the main parties to recognise that we are fed up with limp-wristed justice?

by James Mitchinson


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