This is what the people of Sheffield think of rule breakers being handed higher fines

People who do not wear fines without proper reason can now be fined £200, under new rules announced by Boris Johnson.

Thursday, 1st October 2020, 4:12 pm

The rules on mask wearing have also been made tighter. They must now be worn by shop staff and in taxis, as well as in hospitality venues unless seated and eating.

We asked Sheffield Star readers if they thought the new higher fines were fair – and 150 people wanted to give their opinion.

This is what some had to say.

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A shopper wearing a mask. Picture Scott Merrylees

Stephen Hancock said: “Yes, they do make a difference and if it only saved one life it would be worth it, so wear one or get a big fine.”

George Okrasa said: “If all of those who are required to wear a mask, (and are not exempt from wearing a mask), do what they are asked to do, and wear a mask, then the level of the fine is not an issue.”

Rich Ward said: “Yes. A very necessary public health intervention that should have been tightened up on much sooner.”

Phil Thomas said: “As a taxi driver we know have the right to refuse entry to our vehicle to anyone unless they have proof that they are exempt to wearing a face covering or mask.”

Leanne Moore said the higher fine would only act as a deterrent for breaking the rules if there was someone to enforce them.

"I think it makes no difference. Not once have I seen officers, COVID Marshalls or council members around Darnall. So what’s the point of higher fines when there’s literally no one around to enforce it?”

Tina Hague said her whole family wear face masks.

She said: “I still see a lot off people not wearing them. All you have to do is wear them in places then take them off outside. I make my 12-year-old son wear one in shops.”

Barry Sprason said he thinks the fines should be higher.

"They should times it by 10 and then maybe they will get the idea.”

Patricia Johnson, however, disagreed. She said: “No, no, no, why do you want to make more people's life harder? Why?”

Andrew Cupitt pondered if it was too little, too late. He said: “Shop staff should be wearing masks and gloves from day one not six months after.”