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I can tell you that Deerlands Avenue is not the worst road in Sheffield, as we have a similar stretch on the Shiregreen Estate.

The stretch on Deerlands is without doubt pretty bad, but there are others around just as bad.

Take a drive along Deerlands towards Barnsley Road, cross the road and move on to Hartley Brook Road.

Be careful as you cross Barnsley Road because just as you arrive at Hartley brook Road there is a channel developing where the road appears to be sinking under the weight of the buses using it.

Carry on Hartley Brook, past the school and the shopping centre, and a little further down you will reach Beck Road on your right.

You should see the state of Hartley Brook Road from there on.

Actually, you can’t see much of the road because it’s mostly covered in patches.

What makes it worse than Deerlands is that you also have to contend with traffic narrowing islands that force you onto the wrong side of the road, and onto road humps.

I remember another correspondent writing to you about this same stretch of road a few months ago, so it’s not just me.

I drive around some of the minor roads rather than go directly down Hartley Brook, as it just isn’t worth wrecking my car on.

But not to worry, as others have pointed out in their letters, Coun Peter Price tells us that the road will be resurfaced in 2017.

Presumably they will also resurface Gregg House Road, which runs off Hartley Brook, at the same time.

You will remember Gregg House Road, it’s the one where they have painted all sorts of yellow lines, bus boxes, road signs etc around the local school at much cost, which everyone ignores, all of which will presumably disappear when they resurface the road.

Then they will have to come back and repaint them.

Cuts to government spending don’t help the road situation, but we were told that the money had been provided for the resurfacing the city’s roads, so that can’t be the problem.

No, it’s the council who have let the roads go to wrack and ruin, because they are more interested in running the City of Sanctuary scheme and all the other crackpot ideas that have taken priority over the roads for decades.


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