The real library borrowing figures at voluntary libraries

Walkley Library  hub of the community
Walkley Library hub of the community
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What a shame your reporter Lee Peace did not bother to do some research about the real library borrowing figures at voluntary libraries, (13 August 13).

Only almost at the very end of a full page article does he mention that the figures he quotes are only from council library stock which is now quite old.

For the last three years voluntary libraries have been buying new stock for their own collections, and these books have been borrowed at much greater rates as they are up to date.

For example, Walkley Library lent 13,148 books over the last four quarters compared with 4989 in the four quarters of 2016 before the supply of new books really began to build up.

I have every sympathy with librarians who lost their jobs, but they really should direct their anger at the cuts in government grant to Local Authorities by first the Tory/Lib Dem coalition from 2010, and then the present government from 2015.

At least Sheffield has managed, through support to the voluntary groups who deserve high praise for all their unpaid work, to maintain a library presence across the city, unlike in Northamptonshire where they failed to take action and now face closing outright well over half their libraries across a whole county.

Should resources become available in the future, at least we still have libraries on the ground which would be only too glad to employ professional librarians.

Veronica Hardstaff

Northfield Court, Sheffield, S10