"The problem with Eurovison is we're doing it wrong" - Star Readers' discuss politics in the Eurovision song contest

After another last place position for the United Kingdom in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest 2021, we wondered whether our readers’ thought that there was a political angle to the voting system and decided the only way to find out would be to ask...

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 12:39 pm

After all… what could possibly go wrong with such an innocuous question? Well… this is what our readers’ had to say on the matter:

Brian Bradshaw is not surprised, at all, he responded by saying; “What do people expect we have put two fingers up to Europe, they are only showing there frustration with us so in future why don't we save both the entry fee (£300,000) and the fees paid to the EBU to pay for Eurovision and put the money into free tv licences for the over 75s.”

Patricia Williams said that she was; “surprised at the question. Its obvious!” — sometimes we just have to ask to be sure.

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ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - MAY 22: James Newman of United Kingdom during the 65th Eurovision Song Contest grand final held at Rotterdam Ahoy on May 22, 2021 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

"Good grief despite Australia and Israel taking part there are still some utter plums who think that it's got something to do with EU. Our song was crap as was the act, we lost get over it”, strong words there from Michael Frank.

John Batcheldor is not optimistic; “We would not win now, even if we had the Beatles or queen playing for us. It's political as far as i'm concerned.” And, Richard Bell said; “We haven’t won any football tournaments for decades either, maybe we should leave them to. Let’s withdraw from everything until Johnny Foreigner realises who they’re dealing with” — zero sarcasm detected there. “Time we (BBC) stopped funding this absolute load of…” said Karen Robinson.

Andy Wright was very matter of fact about it all; “Terry Wogan said it years ago.” And, Trevor Scott also felt the same; “Of course my dad used to tell me this 20yr ago.” Frankwilde9 from Twitter said; “I would have said yes, until l saw that Germany, the darling of the EU, only got 3 points. So maybe our songs just haven't been good enough.”

Meanwhile, Valentin Donev had a very rational take, saying; “I have not heard the UK song on any british radio. That's part of the problem. We shouldn't blame only Europe and the political point of the contest. We just did not make the song popular. Loads of other songs has been streamed in other countries , on their radios and music channels. The 0 points are the result of this , lack of presentation as well. Well done to James Newman for representing The UK and I personally loved his song” — yes Valentin, well done to James Newman for taking part even if it wasn’t the result that he would have been hoping for.

Jason Smith had the most popular response; “The problem with eurovison is we're doing it wrong, we should be entering it purely to take the p**s and deliberately trying to get zero points. If we did that for a few years it would confuse/annoy the rest of Europe enough for them to start voting for us. It would be a truly British response to the politics of it” — I agree… totally impartially, of course.

If you’d like to know what everyone thought you can read the responses on Facebook, and here on Twitter.