The crime of being ill

I can’t believe what this country is coming to when I read the letter from Coun Bromfield about a company called Maximus, who are declaring people fit for work, when they are evidently not!

How much is it costing for these companies to mis-diagnose patients who they’ve never seen before, don’t know their illness history? Why isn’t their own GP’s opinion valid any more?

These poor people who are already ill will be made worse by the worry and degrading process of trying to hang onto their meager benefits.

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Mr Iain Duncan Smith should be glad he’s got his health, or he could fall foul of his own medicine he is administering.

It sounds to me that while you have breath in your body you’re deemed fit for work.

While I’m on the subject, 18-24 year olds who are unemployed are expected to work for eight weeks for their benefit, at any destination that is forced on them. It could be two buses away, but listen to this, still got to sign on for their money and look for a paid job on their day off.

Why have they got to work all week when single person’s job seekers’ allowance is on average £75 a week? They should have to work the hours that match that amount .

These people are being punished and their ‘crime’ is being ill or unemployed.

KP (non benefit claimer)


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