“That bloke who says b*****d a lot”, The Full Monty or "Steel and Hendos" - Star readers debate Sheffield's Greatest Export

What is Sheffield’s greatest ever export? Is it Sheffield’s famous steel, Sheffield cutlery, the Arctic Monkeys, Henderson’s Relish or perhaps Sean Bean? There’s only one way to find out and that’s by asking the people.

Friday, 30th July 2021, 12:09 pm
Updated Friday, 30th July 2021, 3:22 pm

We asked our readers what they thought and this is what they had to say:

Ryan RC Hoole echoed the thoughts of many of our readers, when he responded with; “Steel once upon a time, hence being called ‘Steel City’.”

Kath Peters felt that the city was responsible for a number of world-impacting contributions; “What about the “Man with the Golden Voice”. Mr Paul Carrack, for starters… Joe Cocker, Richard Hawley, Hendos, Michael Palin and Sheffield Cutlery.” Ah, Sir Michael Edward Palin, he of Monty Python fame and the creator of a number of excellent travel documentaries. Great shout!

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Here are some of your choices for Sheffield's greatest export... which one did you pic?

Marc Tracy added that; “It used to be Wards Bitter. I so miss it. There is no comparison for me personally.” Some of us do remember the old Wards Brewery, do you recall the smell from the River Don around that time?

"Sheffield is a byproduct of its steel, if it wasn’t for that who knows what it would look like.” firm but fair words from Cornelia Jane Hoades.

Craig Hewitt said that our best export is a “Combo of Sean Bean and Michael Palin… and Jarvis…” that’s Cocker to the uninitiated.

Ian Turley shared his thoughts; “The 1991 world student Olympics … never heard of it before or since or during”, absolutely zero sarcasm detected there. But we’re sure that you meant the World Student Games. Ahem.

Graeme Evans the verified music lover said his picks were, “Human League, Arctic Monkeys (good line in band names!).”

Lou Ellen harks bark to the days of the ‘Steel City’, with “Steel and cutlery.” And, Lynn Williams said; “Steel and cutlery and the Full Monty.” Stuart Turton also highlighted the famous Sheffield film as an important, nay greatest export. Let’s not forget “rebuilt TVRs”, replied Graham Walden.

Pauline Oneill kept it short and sweet, “Steel and Def Leppard” — we couldn’t disagree at all here.

"In the old days when I were young steel, cutlery, beer, liquorice alsorts and pewter ware”, says Debbie Aldred.

James Lowery added his thoughts, “That bloke who says bast#rd a lot”, ah Monsieur Sean Bean. A household name and a meme-icon these days. No one is capable of uttering the curse with such verve as Handsworth’s very own Sean Bean.

Tony Wood picked a stellar selection of musical and culinary icons, namely “Joe Cocker, Dave Berry, and Richard Hawley. And Hendos!!”

There was also plenty of love for Sheffield’s very own Dame “Jessica Ennis” says Russell Beardsley before adding “REVS”. If it’s Revs as in the bar chain that started out in Manchester, but if you meant the nightclub aka the home of Gatecrasher, what a pick! Used to see our Jessica Ennis in there from time to time as well growing up.

There were plenty of wonderful suggestions, and some dubious ones as well but we’ll forgo those ones. Undoubtedly though, Sheffield is as famous for its musical output as it is its Sheffield stainless steel. And, it goes without mentioning that pretty massive movie The Full Monty… featuring the honorary Yorkshire-man, Robert Carlyle. What do you think though, what would be your other suggestions for Sheffield’s Greatest Export?