"Teachers need the break" - Readers' discuss the government's summer school programme

Earlier this week the government’s flagship summer schools programme launched, we asked our readers’ whether they would send their children on such a programme if it were offered.

By Christopher Hallam
Friday, 30th April 2021, 2:10 pm
Group of multiethnic teenagers taking selfie, sitting on stairs outdoor, summer evening, sun flare
Group of multiethnic teenagers taking selfie, sitting on stairs outdoor, summer evening, sun flare

This is what they had to say on the topic:

Wendy Martin was firmly asserting her views, when she said; “No, they’ve worked hard enough in school and at home during lockdown. Holiday breaks are valuable for their development too.” Dawn Marie Mannion sees no need for it, as “The children weren’t on holiday they were in lockdown, mine still did their schoolwork!”

Amanda Holt thinks that the programme could have a purpose; saying “For those who have kept up with their work then no, these kids shouldn’t have to attend a summer school but if a child has significantly fallen behind with their work and personal development for that matter...then I would say it needs to be compulsory...because you have to ask yourself if they have fallen behind when so many haven’t then what support have they been getting at home throughout this time?”

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Loueena West is another ‘no’, she said; “The kids wasn’t on holiday they still had to work so no I don’t think they should talk about taking kids freedom away from them.” Emma Truss followed up with another ‘no’, and she said; “No mine did what work we could and it was stressful for both me and them so they need their holidays.” Duncan Strafford offered a different perspective, saying; “Imagine if your employer cut your holiday entitlement by two weeks stating, that due to Covid, productivity had dropped and gains needed to be made.” That’ll be a ‘no’ then, interesting point though. And, Corey-Paige Chapman added her views, saying; “No we’re going to as many play centres, parks, zoos and seaside as we possibly can they’ve had a shit enough year without putting them in a 2 week summer school”.

It seems that not all agree though, especially in the case of Cheri Johnson, who seemed rather enthusiastic about the whole idea; “Hell yes! Where do I sign?!” and Janice Locking who seemed quite sad that it is; “Only 2 weeks?”, on the otherhand Ben Johnson is all for it; “as long as you take all 3, haha.” And, Stuart Cox would rather be without the kids full stop; “I’d send em to a 52 week summer school without a bloody invite.”Terrie Whitehead was a firm “Nope”, and she also added that “mine both still worked hard all the way through lockdown they and their teachers need the break.” And finally Emma Claire Cousins said that her daughter “did all her work what was set during lockdown and teachers worked all way through so they deserve a break.”

The majority were not in favour though with many of the comments saying that after the last year that we’ve all collectively had to go through, it’s clear that both the students and the teachers deserved a break, which you can’t really argue with… can you?

Sadly we can’t include every comment or response here, but you can check out what our readers’ have said on Facebook here and on Twitter here.