“Tammy Girl, Mark One, Tip Top, Naff Naff” - Readers' share the clothing brands they remember from their youth

We asked our readers’ to let us know how old they were by sharing the clothing brands they used to wear while growing up, and they did not disappoint. Which ones do you remember?

Friday, 20th August 2021, 5:08 pm

After we noted that our engagement editor Chris Hallam used to wear Eclipse jeans and denim jacket back in the mid-90s, our readers shared tales of the outfits that they used to wear.

Charlotte Moore tagged her friend Stacey Bradley, who also used to wear Eclipse, “Daily”.

Jessica Brailsford also remembered it, and she said that “Eclipse clothing got banned at our school”, did it get banned at your school?

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Castle Market, Sheffield in 1997

Caroline Baines Gardner recalled remembering brands like, “Smart R,s Jean's and Rebina shoes. I think they were in orchard square. Unfortunately I never got to own either.”

Darryl Hancock responded to Caroline, saying that “originally Rebina was up a little side street opposite Rackhams, but i think they did move from there.”

If you don’t remember Rebina shoes, Dave G aka @magic_rat_ from Twitter certainly did and he wore a lovely pair of winklepicker, “No Regrets” he said.

Quite a few of you remembered Rebina shoes, if not quite at first as was the case for Tracy Clarke, who said, “What was the shoe brand with the really pointy toes? 1980s I think began with V? (I think)”. Not to fear though as Tanya Ringrose had the name at hand as well as a fab description of the boots in question, “pointy but kitten heels. A shop in Castle Market and just off High Street too!”

Rebina Shoes shared by Dave G

Trevor Waldron managed to reel off quite a few brands, “Brutus jeans - Fiorucci - Fila - Gabacci - Jordache - Gola - Bata shoes.” Do any of you remember what year this was? I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess late 90s early 00s?

Another one that I can’t quite place was suggested by Barbara Allison, who said “Corona Fashions, think it was Manor”, I did try and look this up but it’s pretty hard to search that particular word right now. However Lisa Hall came to the rescue with clarification here, “No Corona Fashions was near the new asda when they used to be the subways at Manor Top”. Cheers Lisa.

Fraser Hewitt shared his favoured outfit of the time, “Adidas Trimm Trabb, jeans cut up seam so they dropped nice over them and a Lyle and Scott v neck”, those Adidas trainers were recently rereleased and they’re being resold for as much as £310 a pair… good luck finding your old pair to sell there Fraser.

Clare Marshall mentioned the likes of “Sweater shop, naff naff, and Tammy girl”, how many of you had something in your wardrobe from these brands? Tyrone De Burca chimed in, saying “I remember them well and I had a naff jacket too. Balling”. Indeed.

Does anyone remember, Stolen from Ivor? Sally Brumpton certainly did, sadly the company went into administration in 2002 with most of the shops closing and its final shop closed in Stockport in 2014.

Emz Grace added her most remembered ones, “sweater shop, spliff, naff naff, Mark One, tammy girl. Adidas poppers”, yes the Adidas poppers. I had the Kappa poppers Barcelona tracksuit when I was younger, someone pinched it off our washing line. I’d worn it twice. Gutted. Popper tracksuit bottoms were incredibly annoying, especially when people used to swipe their hand down them exposing your whole leg… does anyone recall this?

"Remember the Kenwood Jackets?” asked Jon Asquith, yes… I certainly do, do you dear reader?

Darryl Hancock mentioned “Stay Press trousers, Harrington Jackets & Stretch Jeans.” Who remembers these ones? Bonus points if you have pictures of you in the clothing for that genuine retro throwback.

Ellen Kitson was certainly a fan of one store in particular, “Tammy Girl was amazing! Think it was down near the Castle Market”, it most certainly was. Next to WH Smith, wasn’t it?

Deborah Bowers couldn’t ever forget “Mark One and every 90's teen favourite Tip Top where you could get a new top for £3 pocket money!”

And let’s not forget the likes of the always loud and proud, Joe Bloggs. Thanks for that one Jason Rowding.

There were loads of other brands we couldn’t quite feature but I genuinely loved reading your responses and interesting selection of clothing. If you really must find out some of those old brands, you can actually buy some of those older brands (for hugely marked up prices) on Depop, where you can pay a princely sum of £75 for a £15 Eclipse t-shirt that probably won’t match the size it says on the label.

What other brands did we miss that you remember from back int’ day?