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THEY say you can’t trust politicians - and certainly it seems Denis MacShane’s Twitter doesn’t always stand up to scrutiny.

The Rotherham MP, currently suspended from the Labour party while police investigate expense claims, notes that: “Since 1960, every nation that has hosted the Olympic Games has seen a change of government or leader at the next election.”

Somewhat embarrassing, then, that a political blogger analysed the claim and discovered, in fact, almost the exact opposite is true. Not a single leader had changed following any of the last seven Olympics.

Fact checker, anyone?

SEEING as his granddad’s statue stands in Fitzalan Square, I went to see the new film about Edward VIII’s affair with Wallis Simpson this weekend.

Glad I did, too, because now I can warn everyone else off it.

Woeful and insipid is what one reviewer called Madonna’s W.E. – and, allow me to say, they were being kind.

If you’re thinking about going along, treat yourself to a couple of hours watching the pigeons flap around Edward VII instead.

ALSO this weekend, a chap in The Wellington, in Henry Street, took me to task for The Star’s continued reports on the appalling state of Sheffield’s roads. “If you keep scapegoating potholes,” he noted, “they’ll only go further underground.”

NIGEL Slack, Occupy Sheffield spokesman, speaking in Friday’s Star: “I think a trial is good because it gives us the chance to bring our side of the story out more.”


I, personally, have been to the camp on three occasions and asked if the group would consider doing a feature to bring their side out more.

Rejected thrice. The problem, one suspects, is they don’t really know or agree themselves what their side is.

FOUR wind turbines blown down by gales near Penistone, as reported in The Star last week?

Let’s hope those solar panels everyone’s having installed don’t set alight next time we have a particularly hot summer.