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I WRITE in response to Viewpoint, September 13.

Thursday, 20th September 2007, 11:07 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th September 2007, 9:11 am

Forgive me, I get the distinct feeling that 'Anon' wishes to just moan for the sake of moaning. Similarly, the headline "City station staff have let us down" is somewhat overstating one person's alleged experience. Were they the only words that could fit that gap?

My experience of Sheffield folk is as positive now as it's always been. We have a fantastic city which has seen millions invested. So no, Sheffield has not lost its shine. Given that in today's modern world we all deal with people from the furthest corners of the world, whether we know it or not, there will always be good and bad experiences. This includes in your home town. If you experience something that you consider to be unpleasant, or not to your satisfaction and you have been on the phone to a call centre in say India or Edinburgh, it doesn't make that place, or its people less pleasant overall, does it?

I feel Anon does need correcting as well. Regarding their experience at Sheffield station they state: "I was told by a very serious looking member of staff that I would need to go to the ticket office. I was uncertain which window to queue for - Advance or Travel Today - no signs for example for 'Other business.' Not a good start."

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To correct Anon, at Sheffield ticket office there is (and has been for some considerable time) a poster which states clearly "Please join this queue for Refund Applications" along with a big green arrow pointing to said queue. How much clearer does Anon want this information posting? They then go on: "Once there I was told very abruptly that I could not have a refund. When I asked why, I was told there was a 10 cancellation fee and my tickets were less than that. Fair enough - but since then I have not been able to find any Terms and Conditions."

Anon hasn't looked very hard. The Terms and Conditions are part of the National Rail Conditions of Carriage, copies of which are available on request at any staffed railway station or even online at Had Anon asked for them at the station, he/she would have been given a copy. Therein, it clearly states that "---- you may have to pay a reasonable administrative charge (not exceeding 10)."

Mrs JH, Sheffield S81.

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