Covid Sheffield: "It’s a shame but we’ve all got to live with it" - Readers share their views on the end of self-isolation requirements

From Thursday 24 February, the law which previously required people in England with Covid to self-isolate will be removed.

Tuesday, 22nd February 2022, 12:01 pm
Updated Tuesday, 22nd February 2022, 3:03 pm

Late last week, Boris Johnson said that the Government should now encourage personal responsibility instead of having "state mandation". We asked our readers before Tuesday’s announcement what they thought about the end of the self-isolation requirements, and this is what they had to say:

Bev Pepperdine seems unsure, “Just wondered how we can trust someone who doesn't know the definition of 'party' or 'truth'.

Helen Cullen Charlesworth believes that, “Everything will go back to normal, now the cons have lined their pockets, along with their friends. So the next trick is to freeze us, and make our life worse, because no one will beable to pay for gas. In 2022 people have to decide weather to "eat or heat". Good old Rishi won't tax the gas or electricity companies, instead he'll give us loan, to help out with the raging costs..... This is from a man who's a billionaire, who understands poverty.”

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LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 17: Guests are seen as they continue their quarantine period at the Radisson Blu hotel on February 17, 2021 in London, England. From Monday, people arriving from 33 "red list" countries, including South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, must isolate in hotels rooms for 10 days at their own expense. The policy was announced late last month in response to the emergence of new variants of the novel coronavirus that are more resistant to existing vaccines. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

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This is how the end of Covid rules will affect Sheffield

Christine Shaw shall remain pragmatic, she says, “I will just do what I think is right, there are things in his statement that I don't agree with. I had COVID in 2020 and wouldn't wish it on anyone.”

Andy Fisher is delighted at the news, “Feel safe and happy with the new situation despite being 70 and not vaccinated, although 2 close vaccinated family members have had Covid. Long overdue!”

Steve Lodge kept his thoughts, short and to the point, “Fantastic News.”

Ryan Cockayne was equally delighted, “Brilliant, should have been a year ago but better late than never”

One of the replies that received the most positive responses came from Keeley Leah, who said, “Unfortunately covid is around to stay now, we’ve had two years trying to battle the virus. How long do we keep isolating and putting the economy and our mental healths at risk? I had covid in November and was only I’ll for a few days but because of the rules I wasn’t allowed to work for a full ten days. This has impacted me massively as I didn’t get paid sick pay from work and I apparently wasn’t entitled to any grants from the government. This put me on a downward spiral financially. I understand there’s clinically vulnerable people but just like in flu season they will need to be extra careful, it’s a shame but we’ve all go to live with it I guess.”

Not all were happy at the news though.

Paul Smallwood commented that we, “May as well make it a free for all! Oh wait.”

Kathy Parsons added her take, “People who get covid will be forced to go to work as there will be no affordable way of proving they have it. Responsible people who take time off to protect their work colleagues will be penalised financially and reprimanded by their employers. We’ve all seen this happen with other illnesses. This is completely about money.”

Stuart Nye remains, “Nervous, the numbers are a long way from zero. I think its to early.”

Tina Thrush, added her thoughts, “I’m clinically vulnerable and this just put me and others like me at risk. Life is for living but that applies to all”, her comments received a number of responses. Tina Sampson said, “same here but I shall be making sure I am as safe as possible.” And, Nigel Preston responded saying, “same but its upto the individual to look after themselves.”

Peter Hutcheon was scathing in his take, “So, that means companies out there will make people come into work and there’ll be another spike and thousands will die because of it, that’s what Boris thinks of you all, all of you that voted for him last time know what to do in the next election.”

Meanwhile, Tina Sampson’s view certainly resulted in a lot of responses which generally tended to agree with her take, “The World Health Organisation thinks this is a bad move. I shall change nothing until we move from pandemic to epidemic! The next variant because of Boris could kill thousands more, I don’t trust him, and it’s not the best way of living with it .”

Finally, Alan Edwards gave his view, “The last 2 years has proven too many people think they know too much. Watching that YouTube clip doesnt trump the fact you screwed up basic biology, and think you know more than the scientists who spent 30 years dedicating their life to it. If you trust that bloke you need to give your head a wobble.”

Once more, it’s clear that people’s opinions will differ on the matter. Ultimately it is now in the hands of those who are vulnerable to take the utmost care of themselves, choosing how they go about mingling with the rest of society. Thank you for your thoughts and comments.