Sheffield Star readers have had their say on the proposal of wearing a face covering all the time

Sheffield’s director of Public Health has advised that face coverings should be worn in all settings, even those where they are not required by law.

Friday, 16th October 2020, 4:52 pm

We asked Sheffield Star readers if they would feel comfortable with doing so.

The question attracted over 1,000 comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages collectively.

Here’s what some of the readers had to say, and opinion was definitely divided.

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A person wears a face mask.

Some said they would wear one all the time if it would help stop the spread of the virus.

Galya Cantor Denaro said: “Yes, I would be willing to do whatever it takes if it helps to save lives and also to reassure those who are vulnerable and already going through worrying times.”

Jean Hepplestone said: “I would wear one wherever. I put one on when I get anywhere near my grandsons school. I know it doesn’t protect me but I am doing my bit to protect others.”

Kim McMaster said: “Yes without hesitation, this virus has taken too many lives already.”

Ania Littler said: “Absolutely. I value the safety of other people. If doctors and nurses can wear uncomfortable PPE on a daily basis without so much as a complaint, then I’m fine to wear a cotton mask for a couple of hours when out and about.”

Mat Smith said: “In Spain you have to have the mask on in all public spaces including walking in the street. So, I would be more than happy to follow this. Anything to keep the numbers down.”

Sarah Hartland said: “Glue it on for me. It’s hot and uncomfortable but it cannot be about how you look in it. People are dying. Lives are being destroyed. No brainer.”

Shane Cutts said he believed face coverings should have been mandatory in all settings since ‘day one’.

Some readers, however, disagreed.

Barry Close said: “If it’s not required by law then I won't wear one, definitely not outdoors. They'll have us wearing ‘em in our own homes next.”

Beverley Hardware said: “No I’m exempt in shops and on public transport. I wouldn’t be happy for my grandsons to have to wear them all day in school and college too.”

Keith Jones said: “We have been wearing them in closed environments, (shops/ pubs etc), and the number of infections have shot up so wearing them in big open spaces is going to do naff all to stop the spread.”

Sarah Louise Wain said: “Nope I want to breath fresh air, while I'll wear them in shops etc. I'm still not convinced they work.”

Vicky Fox said: “Absolutely no way. I have asthma and am really struggling wearing a face mask just in shops I can’t breathe and a trip to the shops leaves me exhausted. I don’t want to face the hassle, staring and questioning of having to justify myself not wearing a face mask so I just struggle on. It will be impossible for me to have to wear one all day though.”

Fi Westney said: “I will happily wear a face covering when in shops and in close proximity to others. I will not be wearing them when I am walking around outside going from place to place until it's made the law.”