Save Yorks Belle

Many of you may be aware of the problems facing two of Yorkshire's passenger boats – the MV Coronia of Scarborough and the Yorkshire Belle of Bridlington. Both boats have been docked due to UK restrictions imposed by the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) that state these boats can only sail 15 miles from their departure point, which is preventing them making their traditional voyages along the Yorkshire coast.

Saturday, 29th September 2007, 8:47 am

However, our Government agreed to an EU directive on maritime safety which states that these two boats can sail no more than 15 miles from the nearest harbour, meaning they would be able to continue making their traditional voyages. Unfortunately, the MCA decided to apply harsher restrictions, which they are entitled to do, as EU directives only set the minimum standards.

I have written to the MCA to request they apply the rules contained in the EU directive so that these two Yorkshire boats can continue sailing along our coast. I know that many of you are also concerned about the problems facing these two boats so to show your support, I would be grateful if readers could sign the following petition to request the UK applies the EU directive on maritime safety:

Richard Corbett, Labour Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire and the Humber

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Cross city buses

I read with interest Brandon Jones's letter (Sep 24). I would have thought an obvious solution that would please all concerned would be to alternate a through service from Bents Green to Hillsborough with the new service starting in town.

As the service is every 15 minutes I would have thought that a new service of every half hour to Hillsborough would suffice for people like myself who live at Hunters Bar but work in Hillsborough.

Also, I would hope that this isn't the start of breaking up of other old and well established cross city routes such as the 95 and 52 in the name of so called increased reliabilty but with signicificant increase in cost to the customer.

John Scholey, Clifford Road, Sheffield 11

Streets ahead

Congratulations to all the cast of 42nd Street at the Lyceum. We have just returned from the show full of admiration for the superb dancing and singing. How they manage to change all the costumes so quickly is a miracle. Well done all of you.

Rita and Mick