Road humps and pointless schemes

20mph zone
20mph zone
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How many people have written to The Star and said that 20mph speed restrictions, with mini roundabouts, road narrowing, huge road humps, and signs, have been brought in, and the average speed is more than 30mph?

How much has that cost and what has it achieved?

Manchester halted its road hump scheme after saying it wasn’t reducing accidents. How many of you have complained about the loss of the Sevestones project, Amey’s road resurfacing problems, the pollution on High Street and Arundel Gate, which are filled with bus fumes while the Pond Street bus station is like a ghost town for much of the day?

Did you vote for these pointless schemes?

With the rise in council tax this year and all the other things that have been raised in The Star, people cannot be happy if they are continually complaining in The Star. Yet, last week The Star reported that the council’s chief executive earns £40,000 more than the Prime Minister, and a total of £2 million is spent on senior staff salaries. Apparently, it’s because they handle large budgets. I think the Prime Minister might consider that trying to sort out a war in Syria is slightly more daunting.

I am an old person, not an activist, and all I want is a quiet life, a clean environment and the use of my own driveway when I need it. I saw the picture with a letter from Susan Richardson and she has some problems. However, I have to say, Susan, it’s a million miles away from where I live.

If any reader is deliriously happy with this council, then maybe you should pay more council tax than those of us who have their daily lives blighted?

If you are not happy but you keep voting for the same council that you keep complaining about, then it’s your own fault.

S Collins

Sheffield, S5