Real law and order

AT A time when we need someone somewhere to stand up for us, when our youngsters are either being stabbed or shot on the streets, when we need someone to say enough is enough, and at a time when the public are losing all faith in the justice system we get another dozy MP with another dozy idea.

How on earth can it be punishment for a yob to say sorry?

Of course he is sorry; sorry that he was caught. Will he also be saying sorry for the other 50 offences taken into account?

So under this plan if a yob is suspected of crimes ranging from vandalism to minor assault (how mild) they will be given a choice of being taken to court or admitting guilt before a panel then saying sorry. BUT if someone drops a cigarette end in the street they are fined?

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Of course if the yob reoffends we can always give them one of those non working ASBOs. If that does not work we can fine the parents but in the meantime the yob is moving up the crime ladder. Can the do-gooders not see their way is not working.

It is time we took our streets back, time for zero tolerance and time the MPs started to listen. It is also time to start punishing crimes, it is far more serious now to throw a cigarette end away than to steal a car and set fire to it.

A law and order party would get my vote everytime.

RW, Sheffield 9.

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