Put our football differences to one side for just 90 minutes

I take a deep breath as I say these words… it is time for this city of two clubs to put their football rivalries to one side.

Friday, 20th August 2021, 6:37 am
Sheffield FC are preparing for their first ever live match on the BBC

I don’t care if you are blue and white or red and white, if you like to sing about greasy chip butties or write WAWAW wherever you can, this great footballing city needs your support.

Don’t start shouting at the page, just hear me out. I’m actually only asking for 90 minutes of your time and then you can go back to loving to hate each other or hating to love each other… whichever way it is in your house, classroom or workplace.

The oldest football club in the world has waited 164 years for this moment and if fans in this city want everyone to finally grasp that we are the Home of Football, this is a once in many generations opportunity.

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Yes, you read that right. Sheffield FC’s FA Cup match against the mighty Sherwood Colliery will be on live on the telly at 12.30pm on Saturday.

It is the first time ever.

SFC first played in the competition in 1873.

They had already been playing for 15 years by then. They reached the quarter finals three times over the next five years.

Oh boy, how patient they have been for the camera crews to turn up

Now this isn't a club which pulls in big crowds but this weekend needs to be different.

I haven’t stopped ranting about living in a city that is incapable of grabbing hold of its international football heritage for weeks and, from what you tell me, neither has half the city.

So what is holding you back? Let’s make it a celebration from a city which proudly created 40 football firsts and hasn’t – quite – given up on making sure the whole world knows it.

The stand with The Home of Football written on it will be there for all to see and it would be so good to see it full. Maybe you could treat yourself to a shirt or a pie – putting some pennies in the coffers for the club’s historic and long-awaited new ground.

The FA Cup celebrates its 150th anniversary this season. Now what a cup run this could be. But hold on, I wouldn’t go as far as asking whether SFC would prefer to face SUFC or SWFC at Wembley in the FA Cup final.

We Sheffielders know when we’re pushing our luck...