“Piers come back it's so drab without you” – Readers’ discuss a Piers Morgan return to Good Morning Britain

After he left Good Morning Britain under a cloud back in March, six months later Piers Morgan last week tweeted to (jokingly) ask for his job back after OFCOM rejected complaints over his comments on Meghan Markle.

Monday, 6th September 2021, 5:06 pm
Updated Monday, 6th September 2021, 5:15 pm

We asked our readers whether he should get his job back and it’s fair to say that many had quite strong opinions about what should or shouldn’t happen now Morgan has technically been cleared. Here are a selection of their comments on the topic:

Self-professed Piers Morgan fan, Loraine Ellis said “Yes definitely, right decision given. I’ve only watched it twice since he left and it was not the same, he says things how it is.” A viewpoint that was shared by more than 265 people who agreed with Loraine’s view. But not everyone agreed with Loraine, as was the case with Zoe Lynda who replied, “he's a bully. You must like bullys then”, something which quite a few people referred to, both for and against.

Tina Mitchell responded saying that she liked “him as an interviewer but don’t like his constant interrupting before he has heard the answer to his questions. He’s ok sometimes but it depends who is being interviewed on gmb.”

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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 25: Piers Morgan attends the 2019 British Academy Britannia Awards presented by American Airlines and Jaguar Land Rover at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 25, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for BAFTA LA)

Ivan Parker-Brown has some fairly strong views on the presenter, saying “NO he shouldn’t. If any other man picked on a pregnant woman the way he did time after time after time they would have been locked up. It’s not whether your a fan of his or hers the FACT remains the same. He was in a privileged position to air the views of the viewers not use the time as a personal vendetta.”

And Ivor Powell replied saying that “He walked off set cos a weatherman got the better of him.”

Mandy Rollinson was another of those with some strident views of the popular/unpopular (delete as applicable) presenter, saying “Absolutely not, there was no freedom of speech with him shouting over people, always a 1 sided interview, Piers way or the highway. Hilarious seeing him walk out when he couldn't cope with a calm sensible response.”

Someone else who felt the same, which in turn was reflected in 121 ‘Thumbs up’ responses, was Brenda Bell, who wrote; “No. In my opinion Pierce became a bully on that show. Unfortunately quite a few others are copying his aggressive style of interviewing. Glad I know where the off button is”, a viewpoint that was shared by Jenny Parkes, who said; “No way, he behaved like a spoilt brat. He rams his opinion down peoples throats, shouts over guests & his colleagues. Totally unprofessional & I would definitely not watch if he returns.”

Another person who was not in favour of his return was Samantha Smith, who wrote; “I’m all for freedom of speech but no one should EVER accuse a person of lying about their mental health. People feeling that way need support and what he did shows why so many people are afraid to speak out. I liked him until he did this but for me questioning someone’s mental health is an absolute rule break. Pay the consequences Piers.”

And finally in the ‘No’ camp was Tom Stevens who made the controversial comment that “Piers is the ultimate snowflake. Triggered by a sausage roll, stormed off when someone stood up to him, gets offended by people daring to be themselves. I’d feel sorry for the rest of the people working there having to put up with him to be honest.”

But not everyone was against him, case in point being Tracy Tong who replied saying “Yes absolutely… he dares to speak what everyone else is thinking!! Freedom of speech is what we all ask for but when he did speak he got the push!! GMTV not the same without him! Love him or loath him he certainly livened up morning tv!!”, a view that was shared by at least 51 of our readers who agreed with Tracy.

Tracy Gell Atkins says “Yes he should. He says what thousands of us are thinking. Not been the same with all the names pamby presenters” — bit harsh, but ok.

Another person in favour is Joanne Louise Miller, who said; “Why not..he stood by his word & as far as I’m concerned, did very little wrong x I always found him entertaining ..I like him & his opinions”, as do 55 readers on our Facebook page who agreed.

Lynn Quinn put it how she sees it, “Yes. Hes at least honest. What you see is what you get. But like us all he has his opinions which a lot of us also agree with. He's like marmite you either love him or hate him but opinions are free. You have an off button if you don't agree. Sometimes he's a bit brash but he will stand on principles.” This response garnered 99 ‘thumbs up’ responses, so it struck a chord somewhere.

Debra Walker is in the ‘YES' camp, she said “Don't believe he needs to ask for his job back but please, please Piers come back it's so drab without you .. in fact I hardly watch it”

And Lorraine Brunt was not mincing her words here; “Most definitely GMB is so boring without him. He shouldn’t have been made to leave in the first place. I bet the producers are kicking themselves for lost viewers, every institution seems to panda to the woke now except a few and Piers isn’t afraid to speak out. Thank you Piers and we miss you”

Katt Hendley summed it up quite neatly here when she said; “But he walked out live on air. If I just walked out of my job when it got a bit stressful I wouldn’t have one for much longer.” A view that was shared by Clive Sutherland, who wrote; “No he may have been vindicated in law but his attitude and behaviour was wrong in the way that he spoke to his colleagues and walked off set live on air.”

And finally, Finnlay Sanchez responded saying; “Hell no. Apply some perspective that most ' normal ' folk have to live by. He, of his own free will got his panties tied in what was a reasonable debate ( it is actually his job role) he didn't like where it was going and walked off site mid job, and then, of his own free will, quit. Are you a nurse? Mechanic? Bricky? Call centre worker? Try the same trick.” Fair point there and 52 of you agreed with him there.

We’d love to share all of your responses, there were well over 3000+ (and counting) replies in response to Piers Morgan-gate, will we see him back on Good Morning Britain? Probably not. But it’s clear that the Marmite-esque presenter (and sometime talk-show host) has a fanbase, so it won’t be long until he’s on our screens once more.

Thank you for your replies, thank you for actually holding adult debates even though opinions may differ (wildly at times). It was undoubtedly a touchy topic which draws out multiple opinions but for the most part it was a very cordial discussion and enjoyable to read. As for my opinion… I’m delighted you all responded with such energy and passion.