People’s Vote: what do Brexiteers fear?

An EU flag flies in the face of ParliamentAn EU flag flies in the face of Parliament
An EU flag flies in the face of Parliament
B Masters

Sheffield, S11

As a Remainer I am utterly dismayed by the views of Brexiteers who contribute to letters pages. There is no arguing with people who are implacably opposed to the EU and what it represents to them but they do seem to hog the column inches.

I spoke to many people during the Referendum Campaign, who, like me, weighed up the pros and cons of staying in the EU. For me the balance fell heavily on the side of Remain. For others the balance fell on the Leave side. It reflected our different priorities and life experiences. None of us understood all the implications of our decision and none of us expected the shambles that has ensued. I am disgusted with the actions of key politicians of both main parties who have put their personal ambitions ahead of the needs of our country and appalled at the inflammatory rhetoric, primarily of those who advocate Leave. It is tantamount to incitement to riot.

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No Deal Brexiteers argue that the UK can negotiate new trade deals under World Trade Organisation rules. They ignore the growing disquiet over the trade disagreements between the USA and China, the inability of the WTO to enforce its own rules and that Donald Trump’s actions undermine its authority further. They also ignore the need to negotiate with the EU after a No Deal Brexit if we wish to continue trading with it. The uncertainties paralysing government in this country will not end.

Most of us abhor the actions of individuals and companies who use tax avoidance measures to boost their profits while denying the UK the tax revenue that could be spent on the NHS and education. Yet ardent Brexiteers are pressing for us to leave without a deal at 11pm Friday, March 29. Fortunate for some, as it allows the UK Government to avoid compliance with the EU’s Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive, by April 1 this year. The Government has stated its intention to abide by the Directive but the Bill has yet to pass through a Parliament riven by dissent.

I deplore the hostility meted out to those who sincerely believe that the needs of the UK are best served by remaining in the EU. Remainers are not traitors or self-serving metropolitan elites determined to ‘steal’ Brexit from the people, but ‘Leave’ is final. Should the UK wish to rejoin at some future date the terms would be very different and our role would be diminished. Brexiteers will always be able to pursue their goal. That’s why I hope we will get a ‘People’s Vote’.

People on both sides have changed their minds and there is no certainty of the outcome.

What do Brexiteers fear?

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