'People deserting unreliable bus travel in droves'

This letter sent to the Star was written by J Allinson, Sheffield, S14

By Diana Stannard
Thursday, 11 April, 2019, 12:56
Sheffield buses

We need fewer private motorists polluting and clogging up our roads but the figures show clearly that people are deserting bus travel in droves.

Why? Because it is unreliable and rather than stand about getting stressed they will take a taxi or walk, or more likely buy their own vehicle!

I have a free pensioner’s pass but in my last years of employment bus fares were a massive £15 a week out of my £60 disposable income.

Now I would happily pay 50p a journey if it would help reduce fares for others.

I know young families who struggle to afford bus journeys and what really disgusts me is to read that once again poor people who maybe do not have money for smart phones or multi-use tickets are paying more than those who are able to buy on line.

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I also hear from friends in other parts of the country that Sheffield bus fares are among the most expensive anywhere.

Is it any wonder that they are used less?

It’s about time Sheffield PTE and the companies running the services get together properly to run a reliable, green and essential public service that is affordable for all.

I would suggest they Introduce a flat fee of 50p per journey, or £1 day ticket for all concessions, disabled, elderly or children, for example.

Then everyone else should be able to buy multi- use tickets at post offices or supermarkets as well as online, but even if they do have to buy them last minute on the bus, they should still be the same price for everyone. No discrimination or favouritism please.